A paper cut of the Roman goddess of wisdom Minerva with the words Bath Children's Novel Award

The Bath Children’s Novel Award is an international prize for novels written for children or young adults. Recipients include Lucy Van Smit with the manuscript for The Hurting (Chicken House Sept 2018) and Struan Murray for Orphans of the Tide (Puffin 2020).

Bath Children’s Novel Award 2018 winner’s announcement

The Bath Children’s Novel Award 2019 will open for entries 17 June until 17 November. A children’s literary agent will pick the winning novel from a shortlist chosen by a team of Junior Judges aged from 7 to 17 years

Submissions: first 5,000 words plus one page synopsis of novels. Novels may be in any genre with no minimum or maximum word count.

Eligibility: worldwide, unpublished and independently published writers

Shortlist prize: manuscript feedback from the Junior Judges and literary agent introductions


Longlist prize: the writer of the most promising longlisted novel will receive an online place worth £1,800 on Learn to Edit Your Novel the Professional Way  sponsored by Cornerstones Literary Consultancy

Full entry terms and conditions for 2019 will be announced here on 17 June. View our 2018 award terms here