The Essential One Page Synopsis

For the first stage of the competition, we ask for a one-page synopsis to help us understand how the plot unfolds beyond your opening extract. The most helpful elements to include are:

Your novel in one line. Starting with a single line summary of your main character, setting and central conflict gets you off to a flying start by giving the judges an immediate sense of what your book is about.

Next, say as simply as possible what happens in the rest of your plot in third person, present tense. A straightforward, tried and tested format is to shape your synopsis into three parts:

Opening: What’s the set-up of the novel?  Describe how your story starts including the inciting incident.

Middle: What’s your character trying to achieve and who or what is stopping them? What happens to raise the stakes? How does this affect your characters?

Ending: How does the character try to solve the conflict? Describe what happens in the climax of the book and how the story ends.

Nail these four elements and you’ll have a strong and simple synopsis which showcases your storytelling skills and perfectly supports your novel extract.


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