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Caroline Ambrose holding the Bath Novel Awards trophyThe Bath Novel Awards were founded in 2013 by Caroline Ambrose a Bath-based book columnist, public libraries campaigner, & regular chair for literary events.  Caroline organises both the Bath Novel Award and the Bath Children’s Novel Award, working closely with writers, readers, Junior Judges, literary agent judges and hosting the twice-yearly award receptions. The Bath Novel Awards are sponsored by Cornerstones Literary Consultancy. cornerstones_logo_UK-01

The Bath Novel Awards logo includes artwork by UK artist Jessica Palmer whose clients include Disney Pixmar and English Heritage. We asked Jessica to create an image which encapsulated the Bath Novel Awards. Jessica designed the image based on the Bath’s Roman Baths’ Minerva sculpture, collaged from old books with fragments of famous novels visible on the face.

Bath magazine interview with Bath Novel awards founder and public libraries campaigner Caroline Ambrose
INTERVIEW: Caroline Ambrose talks to Bath Life Magazine about The Bath Novel Awards and public libraries
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INTERVIEW: Caroline Ambrose, founder of the Bath Novel Award talks to the Faber Academy about the award selection process, what kind of writing does well and problems to look out for when writing your novel.









“Winning has turned everything upside down. I ended up with five agent offers – honestly, I never thought that would happen.” Sophie Draper, winner of the Bath Novel Award  2017 winner for Cuckoo (Harper Collins/Avon, November 2018)

“One of the most rewarding things about the whole competition was getting my novel into the hands of the junior judges – its intended age-range.” Struan Murray, winner of the Bath Children’s Novel Award 2017 for Orphans of the Tide, (Penguin Books, February 2020)

“There have been so many amazing moments since finding out I’d won, but the best was meeting with Susan Armstrong at Conville & Walsh and being offered representation. I’ve been dreaming of that moment for most of my life.” Kim Sherwood, winner of The Bath Novel Award 2016 for Testament, (riverrun 2018)

“Agents look to these competitions for potential clients, because they know that the competition organisers are great at spotting potential. Even if you don’t win, being longlisted or shortlisted for a prestigious award like the Bath Novel will attract the attention of the industry.” Laura Marshall, runner up for The Bath Novel Award 2016 for Friend Request, (Little Brown, 2017)

“Being shortlisted was the moment everything changed.” Sophie Green, The Bath Children’s Novel Award 2016 shortlisted for Potkin & Stubbs (Piccadilly Press, March 2019)

“I can’t thank you enough for your passion in supporting writers, and for introducing me to my agent, Sallyanne Sweeney.” Lucy Van Smit, winner of The Bath Children’s Novel Award 2015 for The Hurting (Chicken House, September 2018)

“Just do it. It might be the one decision that changes your life.” Clarissa Goenawan 2015 winner for Rainbirds (Soho Press, 2018)

“As a self-proclaimed contest junkie, The Bath Novel Award is one of the most professional and well run contests I’ve entered. Bath is about finding fantastic undiscovered writers and getting their work and names out there.” Hollie Overton, Bath Novel Award 2015 shortlisted for Baby Doll (Century/Hachette 2017)

“When I entered, I was actually thinking of giving up on sending the manuscript out to agents. I was at the end of getting rejections and after years of self-editing, I didn’t feel there was much more I could do with it.  I’m so glad I did enter, because that decision changed my life.” Joanna Barnard winner of The Bath Novel Award 2014 for  Precocious (Ebury Press, 2015)

I firmly believe my BNA shortlisting played a vital part in securing my book deal. It raised my author profile that bit higher and meant my agent could go into publishers’ offices waving the shortlisting.”  Eugene Lambert, The Bath Novel Award 2014 shortlisted for The Sign of One (Egmont, 2016)

“I would enter the Bath Novel Award every year if I could. One of the best things I ever did.” Catherine Barter The Bath Novel Award 2014 shortlisted for Troublemakers, (Andersen Press, 2017)

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Who reads the entries?

We employ a hand-picked team of 40 readers including librarians, editors, genre specialists as well as Bath winning and shortlisted novelists. For the Bath Children’s Novel Award a team of Junior Judges aged from 7 to 17 read and vote for the shortlist. The fulls of all the shortlisted novels are read blind by a leading literary agent who judges the overall winner for each awardRead more